Placebo is An Epic Adventure platformer that will have you gunning n slashing till a unique story line and a awesome gameplay and characters and great music .

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Daaaaaang! This game rocks! The music, the graphics and the overall feel of it. And you made it on Unity3D! Hello there, fellow Unity3D developer! *high fives you*

I enjoyed the game. I played for a few times and didn't get far on my first few tries. I was following your instructions (V to shoot) and I couldn't time my shooting right so I died almost immediately. I didn't know that the mouse click is another button for shoot. But when I discovered it, ohoho! The game was on!

This is a 5-star indie game for me. I hope more people will discover your work. How many weeks did you develop this bad boy? 

thank you ! glade that u enjoyed it )  , to unlock the next level you need to finish the first less then 3min , this  will be patched in the next update  :)

space to jump , and v to shoot :)